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IEEE staff can provide editorial, production, and manufacturing services for IEEE transactions, journals and letters, delivering content in electronic form for the IEEE Xplore digital library as well as in print.

Staff also manages IEEE periodical postal permits and serves as the point of contact for all IEEE business units producing publications. In addition, personnel provide mail lists for the development of print orders and distribution of print publications.


Tools for authors

  • IEEE Publication Recommender — An online tool that helps authors find the IEEE periodical or conference that best fits their scholarly research.
  • Reference Validation — an automated tool used currently by editorial staff to validate author-provided references against external databases (e.g., CrossRef) in order to ensure successful online linking. Includes an interface to be used by authors to validate and complete references before submitting a paper to the IEEE.
  • Graphics Checker— a web-based tool that includes step-by-step instructions on how to fix some common problems found in author-supplied electronic images.
  • Online Proof Review — a website through which authors can download PDF article proofs (and other PDF related to the article) for review. The site also allows authors to upload corrections through the online proof review site upon completion of review.


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Process improvements

  • Expedited Posting — articles are posted at various stages of the production process, depending on journal preference. Articles may appear in the IEEE Xplore digital library upon acceptance, after editorial processing but before being assigned to a print issue, or as a part of a complete issue.
  • Enhanced Online Publication — The IEEE Xplore digital library provides the opportunity to enhance journal content in new ways. To take advantage of this, we offer support for publishing multi-media materials with articles in IEEE Xplore. Articles may be published with animations, movies, data sets, sound files, and other forms of enhanced, multi-media content.


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