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Throughout 2007, IEEE's leadership engaged in a series of strategic discussions related to the IEEE Envisioned Future. The IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB), and in particular its Strategic Planning Committee, focused efforts on current challenges in the scholarly publishing field.


Principles of Scholarly Publishing

To provide a framework to discuss solutions to those challenges, PSPB drafted IEEE's Principles of Scholarly Publishing, which were reviewed and adopted by the IEEE Board of Directors in November 2007.

Below, you can find the Principles themselves, as well as an introductory letter by PSPB Chair John Baillieul and background documents discussing the issue of open access (to be addressed with guidance from the Principles).  


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IEEE Open Access

In August 2010, the IEEE Board of Directors approved a five-point Statement on Open Access and Public Access to engage the organization in the continuing public dialogue on open access scholarly publishing. The first active step authorized in the policy statement is the extension to all IEEE journals of an option for authors to select open access for their accepted articles.
Two IEEE journals – IEEE Photonics Journal and IEEE Magnetics Letters – already offer an option for authors to select open access if supported by a publication fee. The IEEE Open Access program, to be formally introduced after April 2011, will extend this option to all IEEE journals.
Below are links to the IEEE Statement on Open and Public Access and IEEE Open Access Publishing Options.



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