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2013 IEEE Publication Services and Products Board

2013 PSPB Board image1st Row Sitting from Left to Right:
D. Hudson, E. Johnston, S. El-Ghazaly, W. Moses, G. Setti, T. Durniak, D. Hodges, S. Hemami, H. Kirkici, M. Pecht

2nd Row Standing from Left to Right:
J.Germano, S. Reisman, S. Barbin, H. Bennett, C. Siller, R. Todi, J. Rokne, V. Piuri

3rd Row Standing from Left to Right:
D. Bramlett, J. Trussell, L. Hall, S. Bottom, R. Anderson , T. Conte, J. Baillieul, P. Morley, K. Letaief, J. Anderson


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IEEE Access is launched

IEEE's newest publication, IEEE Access, has been launched and can now be found on IEEE Xplore®.

The site has the ability to showcase videos, audio files, and images on the home page of the journal and we can also incorporate these files as a “graphical abstract” for an article. Additional features for IEEE Access will be added over time, including article-level metrics and lists of most recent and most popular articles.

Articles that have gone through our editorial and production processes are found in the “Current Articles” tab and have both HTML and PDF formats of the papers available for this launch. Papers that have been accepted and are still in our editorial and production queue may be found under the “Early Access” tab. These include articles for which the author is still reviewing page proofs for publication of the final version.

On behalf of PSPB, congratulations to Michael Pecht, Editor-in-Chief; Kelly Smith, Editorial Assistant; and the IEEE Access Editorial Board for bringing IEEE's open access mega journal to fruition.  Congratulations also to the IEEE professional staff, who have collaborated on the IEEE Xplore® release, the execution of IEEE’s Open Access program, and the launch of IEEE Access.


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IEEE Xplore® rolls out release 4.6

It is worth stressing that IEEE Access was launched in conjunction with the release of IEEE Xplore® 4.6 that incorporated many new enhancements to key pages of the site, including the abstract, publication home pages, and table of contents. Here are just a few of the new IEEE Xplore® features and functions:

  • Improved visibility of the most recent and popular content (top five articles);
  • Improved navigation to previous issues, early access content, and popular articles;
  • More prominent links to submit manuscript, author tools, and editor information;
  • Support for author names in native languages (Japanese, Korean, and Chinese);
  • Enhancements to the Interactive articles (now more than 125,000 available to subscribers).

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In the U.S., OSTP takes a stand for open access

In February 2013, the U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) issued a directive that all agencies that fund over $100 million in annual research grants must develop an Open Access plan. All articles funded by U.S. agencies should be freely available to the public — even those not supported by article processing charges. The OSTP directive encourages public-private collaboration to maximize interoperability and avoid unnecessary duplication.

OSTP recommends a 12-month embargo before traditional articles go OA. IEEE is pressing for a longer embargo period. Based on usage patterns of new and recently published content on IEEE Xplore®, IEEE advocates for a 24-month embargo period, as 80% of article use is older than 12 months.

At a May 2013 public hearing held by the National Research Council in Washington, DC, John Baillieul, Chair TAB/PSPB Products and Services Committee and past VP, IEEE Publication Services and Products Board, presented IEEE’s response to OSTP.

The written statements — including IEEE’s, transcripts and webcast are all available online.


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IEEE readies new open access agreements for authors

The IEEE Publication Services and Products Board in June authorized staff to prepare two new options for authors who pay article processing charges (APCs) to support open access articles. The Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license will be one choice for authors. This license allows authors to retain copyright in the work, but also carries very broad rights for end users. For instance, end users may reuse the work and must always credit the original author. But the end user does not have to obtain permission from the author to reuse the work, even for commercial purposes or to create derivative works.

IEEE will provide prospective authors with ample information about the CC BY license, but will recommend that OA authors select a second option, the IEEE Open Access Publishing Agreement. This agreement will be based on the current Open Access Copyright Form, in that authors will transfer copyright to IEEE, thereby empowering IEEE to protect the work against copyright infringement or plagiarism. The Open Access Publishing Agreement will broaden IEEE’s definition of user rights. Users will be permitted to copy the work, as well as translate it or use it for text mining, as long as the usage is for non-commercial purposes.

The two new OA options will become available later this year. Authors with questions or concerns about IEEE’s copyright policies, or who are required to use the CC BY license with their open access articles, should contact the Intellectual Property Rights Office at +1-732-562-3966 or at


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Update on the PSPB Operations Manual Sections 8.2.1.D and 8.2.4.A  influence bibliometric factors

According to Gianluca Setti, IEEE Director and V.P. Publication Services and Products, editorial coercion refers to an editor attempting to influence the Thomson Reuter’s Impact Factor (IF) of the editor’s periodical by encouraging authors to include citations of that journal. About two years ago, the TAB Periodicals Committee and the IEEE Panel of Technical Editors perceived a risk to IEEE’s publishing reputation if editors inappropriately encourage authors to cite their own journals. Furthermore, PSPB decided, any changes needed to counter this problem should not be confined to the IF, but must cover any attempt to influence every independent bibliometric measure used to measure quality or impact of a periodical.

The additions to the PSPB Operations Manual answer these concerns in two parts: (1) identify attempts to influence bibliometric measures as a violation of IEEE Publication Principles in Section 8.2.1.D, and (2) specify handling of related allegations of misconduct in Section 8.2.4.A.4, Part d. A related change has also been made to Section 8.2.4.A.4, Part c so that statement is consistent with other similar actions by the PSPB Chair — specifically, a decision by the PSPB Chair is final and not subject to appeal. The IEEE June Board of Directors and PSPB approved these changes during the IEEE Board Meeting Series in San Diego, California, USA.


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IEEE partners with MathJax

IEEE has become a MathJax Partner, joining a select group of technical publishers that play an active role in the development and support of MathJax. The group includes American Institute of Physics, Cengage Learning, Elsevier, and StackExchange. 

What is MathJax? MathJax is an open-source JavaScript display engine for LaTeX and MathML that works in all modern browsers. It was designed with the goal of consolidating the recent advances in web technologies into a single, definitive, math-on-the-web platform supporting the major browsers and operating systems. It requires no set-up by the user (no plug-ins to download or software to install), so the page author can write web documents that include mathematics and be confident that users will be able to view it naturally and easily. 

“IEEE is excited to strengthen our commitment to the MathJax effort. This joint collaboration will help increase awareness for MathJax and help us ensure that the quality of published mathematical, technical and scientific content continues to improve,” said Gerry Grenier, IEEE Senior Director of Publishing Technologies.


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IEEE partners with MIT Press to form an eBooks library

The MIT Press eBooks Library, a partnership between IEEE and the MIT Press, offers online access to more than 450 titles in the fields of computer science and engineering technologies, including artificial intelligence, information theory, computer programming, information technology, and electrical engineering.

This computing and engineering collection is available as an add-on to an existing subscription or as a stand-alone subscription via the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library.

View the MIT Press eBooks Library in IEEE Xplore®


IEEE Spectrum awards

IEEE Spectrum claimed several awards at the AM&P Excel celebration on 10 June 2013. The Association Media & Publishing Excel Awards are bestowed on the finest media products and publications in the association industry. With categories ranging from web publishing and media innovation to magazines, newsletters, newspapers, journals and books, among many others, the Excel Awards have a category for every medium.

Excel Awards submissions are reviewed by an expert panel of association and industry professionals, who bestow gold, silver, or bronze awards on the finest examples of innovation and excellence in association communications. The following awards went to IEEE Spectrum:

Media Innovation: Podcast
Bronze - IEEE Spectrum, "Techwise Conversations"
(Bronze is the only award in the category. There was no silver or this was the top honor in the category)

Magazines: Single Topic Issue: More than 100,000
Gold - IEEE Spectrum, June 2012: The Last Days of Cash

Magazines: General Excellence: More than 100,000
Silver - IEEE Spectrum