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IEEE 2012 Publication Services and Products Board

2012 PSPB Volunteer Group Photo

Standing from Left to Right:
J. Germano, S. Hemami, C. Menoni, J. Rokne, A. Durniak, D. Hodges, H. Kirkici J. Bernhard, E. Johnston, M. Thomas, K. Varian

2nd Row Standing from Left to Right:
K. Letaief, J. Baillieul, C. Siller, K. Bartleson, R. Todi, P. Morley, S. Barbin, R. Lefevre

3rd Row Standing from Left to Right:
P. Misra, G. Setti, S. Bottom, L. Hall, R. Trew, T. Wong


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IEEE announces next steps in its open access strategy

IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, is continuing to develop its strategy on open access publishing.  The IEEE Board of Directors recently approved the creation of a rapid-publication, open access megajournal spanning all IEEE fields of interest. Several other topical open access journals are also planned as part of this phase of the rollout.

“The new journals are the next steps in the implementation of our open access strategy announced in 2011,” said Anthony Durniak, IEEE Staff Executive for Publications. “A hybrid open access option also has been available to authors publishing in any of IEEE’s journals since 2011,” said Durniak.

Dr. Michael Pecht, founder and director of the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering at the University of Maryland, has been named the journal’s first editor-in-chief.  A Fellow of IEEE, ASME, and SAE, Pecht was formerly editor of IEEE Transactions on Reliability for eight years as well as an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology. He also has served on the editorial advisory board of IEEE Spectrum magazine. Pecht, who has written over 20 books and 400 technical articles, will spend the next several months assembling an editorial advisory board and developing guidelines and procedures for prospective authors to follow.

The new megajournal, the hybrid option, and other forthcoming specialized open access titles are part of IEEE’s efforts to provide authors with alternatives to traditional publishing.


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IEEE surpasses other publishers in patent citations

Cited over three times more often than the nearest competition, a recent report reveals that IEEE journals and conference proceedings are heavily relied upon by top patenting organizations. The report by 1790 Analytics LLC examined patents filed with the U.S. Patent Office between 1997-2011 by the year's 25 top-patenting organizations. It showed that IEEE received over 154,000 patent citations and that papers referencing IEEE papers in patents has increased 546% since 1997. The study also highlighted that IEEE publications not only frequently provide the science base for new inventions, but that inventions which build on IEEE publications are more viable in the future than those which do not.

On the list of the top 20 publishers referenced more frequently by the top 25 patenting organizations, IEEE outpaced the competition three-fold. The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) ranked second on the list and third was the Elsevier family of imprints (Reed/Elsevier/Pergamon/Academic Press/Saunders).


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IEEE Tech News launched June 2012

In a collaboration between and The Institute, IEEE Tech News is born. Hosted by The Institute's associate editor, Ania Monaco, Tech News brings features from the June issue to life. Topics such as cloud computing, standards, conferences and the IEEE election are covered. A regular segment spotlighting The Institute's articles, stay tuned to for more.


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IEEE Spectrum wins a national magazine award

At the “Oscars” equivalent for magazine publishing, IEEE Spectrum won a “General Excellence” award among Thought Leader Magazines at the National Magazine Awards. This award recognized the accomplishments of the entire professional team in assembling a superb publication for the reader, unlike many of IEEE Spectrum's other awards which recognize a particular article or issue.

This award is especially noteworthy because it is recognition from journalistic peers who are among the best in the world. This year nearly 270 publications submitted a total of 1,804 entries.  Details on all the finalists and winners can be found at the ASME site.

Susan Hassler and the entire IEEE Spectrum team, led by Executive Editor Glenn Zorpette, Senior Art Director Mark Montgomery, Digital Editorial Director Harry Goldstein, and Managing Editor Elizabeth Bretz, are carrying on a long tradition of award winning science journalism. IEEE Spectrum has previously won four National Magazine Awards:

  • 1980: National Magazine Award winner for “Three Mile Island”
  • 1983: National Magazine Award winner for “Technology in War and Peace”
  • 1986: National Magazine Award winner for “Hello Again: The Future of Telecommunications”
  • 1993: National Magazine Award winner for “Seeking Nuclear Safeguards”

This year it was also nominated for a National Magazine Award for Digital Media for its coverage of the Fukushima crisis on the IEEE Spectrum web site.


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IEEE Media advertising sales team wins awards

  • The Business Marketing Association of New York City awarded IEEE Spectrum Marketing two awards. The Ace Awards recognize creative excellence in Business to Business marketing.  The following awards were won:

- First Place for Sales Collateral System: IEEE Spectrum and IEEE Media Sales Collateral (2012 Media Kit, 2012 Marcomm Brochure, 2012 Tech Alert and Webinar Sell Sheets)

- Third Place (Honorable Mention) for E-Direct Marketing: IEEE Media Interactive Preview

  • Jim Vick, staff director/publisher for IEEE Spectrum has been cited as a Top Innovator in Business Publishing by Crains in the Small Trade Division. With over 30 years experience in publishing, Vick watched the Internet destroy business models and create new ones and so in his current role overseeing the business side of the IEEE Spectrum brand and IEEE Media, he has welcomed it as a way to break new ground. Over the past two years, IEEE Spectrum has embraced the tablet. The publication is optimized for the iPad, Android tablets and the Kindle Fire, and it is currently developing a tablet version that will be different from a typical digital edition in that it will have unique content and ads designed to take advantage of the platform's interactive capabilities.


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IEEE Spectrum wins AM&P Excel awards

Association Media and Publishing (AM&P) (formerly the Society of National Association Publishers) announced its 2012 award winners today. Out of 1100 entries from 99 associations, there were 198 winners. IEEE Spectrum won the following:

  • Gold for “Re-Engineering Afghanistan” by Glenn Zorpette
  • Silver for the Automaton blog, Erico Guizzo
  • Silver for the January 2011 single-topic issue “Top 11 Technologies of the Decade”
  • Bronze for “24 Hours at Fukushima” (feature design; Angela Howard and Mark Montgomery)
  • Bronze for the June 2011 single-topic issue “Super Socialize Me”
  • Bronze for overall General Excellence.

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IEEE Potentials wins silver Excel award

IEEE Potentials won a Silver Excel Award in the category Magazines: Cover Mixed-Media for the September/October 2011 issue cover. The Excel Award is presented by Association Media & Publishing who wrote in their notification letter, “in a year with an extraordinary number of high-quality entries, your submission displayed superior quality in design, writing and innovation. We're proud to honor your work and inspiration.”


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PSPB Operations Manual:  Three updates to note

During the June-2012 PSPB Meeting in Boston, MA, USA, PSPB approved the following three revisions to the PSPB Operations Manual.

Section 4.2.1 - TAB/PSPB Products & Services Committee Charter. The Charter has been updated to reflect the current scope and focus of the TAB/PSPB Products and Services Committee. The Committee's new scope is to:

  • Stimulate the generation of new products and services by actively contributing to strategy development, product planning and establishment of business objectives.
  • Monitor progress toward achieving goals and objectives of the business activities within its scope.
  • Identify and recommend new or updated products and services.
  • Perform additional assignments as requested by TAB and/or PSPB.

Reference to the TAB Periodicals Packages Committee was also removed from the Charter, as TAB has dissolved this organizational unit.

Section 4.3.3 - IEEE Spectrum China Editorial Advisory Committee and Charter: IEEE recently approved the new Chinese edition of IEEE Spectrum, which will be launched in July 2012. The facilitate the edition, IEEE has partnered with the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC), a national scientific and technical information service institute directly under the government’s Ministry of Science and Technology. ISTIC will cover production and distribution costs and will also add local content. During their June-2012 meeting, PSPB approved the formation of the new Editorial Advisory Committee to serve as an advisory body to the IEEE Spectrum Editorial Advisory Board on the translation of IEEE Spectrum from English to Simplified Chinese, as well as the quality of the locally produced content. PSPB also approved the Committee’s Charter as Section 4.3.3. The Committee will consist of six advisory members, half appointed by PSPB and half appointed by ISTIC. The Editor of IEEE Spectrum will serve as Committee Chair.

Section 8.3.2 IEEE SPECTRUM: IEEE Spectrum, IEEE’s flagship publication, is an IEEE-wide publication under the direction of PSPB and, therefore, its official description is located in Section 8.3.2. In the past decade, IEEE Spectrum has grown from being just“a monthly publication”, to what is more accurately described as a “set of multimedia outlets that are available to all IEEE members.” The outlets now include, but are not limited to, the monthly print magazine; a facsimile edition; a mobile edition; and a web site updated regularly with audio podcasts, videos, blogs, e-mail alerts, and RSS feeds. Section 4.3.2 has been updated to not only relate the existing range of editorial products of IEEE Spectrum, but to also allow others that may be made possible by future technologies. Clarifications have also been made in the description to note that IEEE Spectrum reports primarily on emerging technologies and also contains articles on pertinent historical or contemporary science and technologies in the fields of interest of IEEE members, and strives for technical accuracy and readability.


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Six titles added to IEEE Xplore: free for members

Six IEEE Press titles published in 2008 have been added to the Classics in IEEE Xplore. These are free for IEEE members. Log on to IEEE Xplore with your username and password to access the following:

  • Modern Heuristic Optimization Techniques: Theory and Applications to Power by Lee
  • Nonvolatile Memory Technologies with Emphasis on Flash: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Using Flash Memory Devices by Brewer and Gill
  • Reflectarray Antennas by Huang and Encinar
  • VLSI Circuit Design Methodology Demystified by Xiu
  • Wireless Broadband: Conflict and Convergence by Fotheringham
  • Wireless LAN Radios: Systems Definition to Transistor Design by Behzad

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