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Proceedings of the IEEE celebrates turning 100

cover image of proceedings of the IEEE for pub news 2012

Originally titled the Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers or Proceedings of the IRE for short, this 100 year old publication, now called the Proceedings of the IEEE published visionaries that included Marconi, Shannon, Armstrong, and de Forest. Today, Proceedings of the IEEE continues to publish an extraordinary range of technological coverage from current visionaries around the world. This coming May a special Centennial Retrospective Issue will be published and will review the past and present, as well as examine the future of technology over the next 20, 50, and 100 years. Topics for this issue range from Cyber-Physical Systems to Wireless Communications and will also provide an update on the Search for Extraterrestrial Life and Engineering Education.

From a Centennial Celebration Web page you can learn more about the year-long celebratory activities such as a Future Predictions Competition and a sponsored Engineering Innovation Forum scheduled to take place on 28-29 September 2012 in Washington, DC.


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Author Gateway enhancements improve communication between authors and staff

screen shot of author gateway dashboard for pub news 2012

Recently authors publishing in journals produced by IEEE Publishing Operations may have noticed a streamlined interface on the Author Gateway (AG) application they use to collaborate on article page proofs. In addition to the user interface enhancements, functionality was added to allow the delivery of PDFs of each article, as accepted, to the AG for the author's use in complying with various requirements for open access posting. When a PDF is made available through the AG, the author will receive an email notification with an explanation of the author posting policy and instructions on how to retrieve the PDF from the AG.

IEEE’s author posting policy is similar to that of most other scholarly publishers: An author is permitted to post his/her own version of a peer-reviewed article on the author’s personal web site, or that of his/her employer. Authors are also permitted to post their own versions of accepted articles on publicly accessible web sites of agencies that fund the authors’ research, if those agencies require open access posting.

In order to discourage the proliferation of IEEE-copyrighted content on the open web, authors are not permitted to post the final, published version of their article, as distributed via IEEE Xplore. IEEE has enhanced the Author Gateway in order to readily provide authors with a PDF version of their accepted article, suitable for posting on their own web site or that of their funding agencies.

Other than IEEE and authors (and their employers  or funders), no third party is ever permitted to post any version of IEEE-copyrighted content without obtaining permission from the IEEE Intellectual Property Rights Office or another authorized IEEE representative.


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PSPB Operations Manual updates and appointment terms for voting members

During their February 2012 meeting, PSPB completed its work on updating the appointment information in the PSPB Operations Manual by approving changes to Section 2.1.1, Voting Members – Terms of Appointments. The changes involve the following subsections.

  1. A statement has been added to clarify that the IEEE Vice President - Publication Services and Products is elected by the IEEE Assembly.
  2. The PSPB Vice Chair is appointed by the Technical Activities. This subsection now specifies that the appointment is for a one-year term, beginning 1 January, and the appointee must concurrently be a member of the Technical Activities Board.
  3. The nine Members-at-Large are appointed by the IEEE Board of Directors. Term-limit information has been added to specify the appointment are for three-year staggered terms beginning 1 January, each with the possibility of reappointment for another three-year term. Furthermore, the number of consecutive terms cannot exceed two. Any individual who has completed two consecutive terms shall not be eligible for appointment during a period of three years following the second term.
  4. Appointment information has been added for the GOLD member. This individual serves for a one-year term, beginning 1 January, and may be re-appointed annually to serve no more than three consecutive years.

Likewise, subsections G and H have been clarified to specify the same term limits for the representatives from the Computer Society, Educational Activities Board, Member and Geographic Activities Board, Standards Association, Technical Activities Board, and IEEE United States of America.

For more information in regards to PSPB Operations Manual updates contact Pete Morley or Jo Germano.


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IEEE Xplore includes journals from Chinese publishers

Two new English-language journals from two of the most prestigious technology organizations in China are now included in IEEE Xplore. Tsinghua Science and Technology (TST) sponsored by Tsinghua University and published six times a year was founded in 1996. The former Chinese edition was founded in 1915. The backfile to 1996 includes over 1,800 articles. A single site subscription for 2012 is US$250.

The Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics (JSEE) sponsored by the Beijing Institute of Aerospace Information founded in 1990 and also published six times a year includes over 1,800 articles and is also available as a single site subscription for US$250. Both journals are available as separate add-on subscriptions for customers. They are not included in IEL or ASPP. These journals are only available as electronic subscriptions and are not offered in print.

Relevant articles will show up on search results in Xplore. Individual articles can be purchased by non-subscribers.


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Spectrum wins two Neal awards

During the American Business Media's 58th Annual Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Awards ceremony which took place in mid-March in New York City, New York, IEEE Spectrum won two awards. 55 publishers submitted 725 entries for this year's competition. Spectrum was one of a small number of publications to win in multiple categories. In previous years, Spectrum won the Grand Neal Award (2010 and 2007) in addition to a number of individual awards.

In the Best News Coverage category, associate editor Eliza Strickland and news editor Sam Moore were recognized for their print and online stories about the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.

In the Best Blog category, Erico Guizzo and his bloggers were honored for Automaton, the web's premier robotics blog.

A thank you goes out to the members of PSPB for your advice and support. Your guidance helps keep Spectrum focused and forward thinking; and thank you to the entire Spectrum team for the work you do to serve Spectrum's worldwide readership.


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