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IEEE 2011 Publication Services and Products Board

Pub Board 2011 photo

Sitting from Left to Right:
R. Todi, T. Akgul, A. Durniak, K. Varian, D. Hodges, C. Desmond, J. Rokne

2nd Row Standing from Left to Right:
J. Germano, T. Wong, P. Morley, S. Barbin, C. Siller, J. Baillieul, J. Moura, H. Kirkici

3rd Row Standing from Left to Right:
D. Grier, D. Yeung, P. Misra, M. El-Hawary, G. Setti, J. Vig, M. Lightner


IEEE Open Access option to be extended to most IEEE journals

The majority of IEEE’s transactions and journals will soon be equipped to offer authors an option to make their articles freely available to any online users. “IEEE Open Access,” the option to make articles freely available, rather than restricted to subscribers only, is currently available in just two IEEE journals — IEEE Magnetics Letters and IEEE Photonics Journal. In a 2010 policy statement, the IEEE Board of Directors said the option should be extended to all IEEE journals.

The first stage of extending the option is the reprogramming of the workflow for 77 journals served by IEEE Publishing Operations. When an article is accepted for publication, the author will automatically be asked whether he or she wishes to have the article made open access, at a cost of US $3,000. The fee pays for the cost of publishing the article and making it available to all visitors to IEEE Xplore.

Increasingly, funding agencies are requiring researchers to publish their findings in open access journals, and the implementation in all IEEE journals will ensure that authors can meet such requirements.

For IEEE journals produced by content providers besides IEEE Publishing Operations, tools have been provided to indicate if an article is to be published as open access. It is recommended that these journals present the IEEE Open Access option to authors only after an article has been accepted for publication.


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IEEE Pulse and the EMBS win APEX 2011 Award of Excellence

IEEE Pulse Cover Jan 2011

Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX) are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence.  IEEE Pulse won the APEX 2011 Award of Excellence in the category of best redesigns (Design and Illustration / Design and Layout).

Janet Dudar, Art Director and Gail Schnitzer, Assistant Art Director worked on creating the design. A before and after were submitted. The May/June 2009 issue was the "before" and the January/February 2011, the "after." Congratulations to everyone who works on IEEE Pulse as everyone's contributions played a part in making this achievement possible.


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New features implemented on IEEE Xplore's Digital Library

Expanded subscription options and increased value to content and search results make using IEEE Xplore's Digital Library that much easier. A new IEEE Standards Dictionary is now available which provides 39,000 IEEE standards terms and definitions in a single, complete HTML-formatted source.

All journal article abstracts now contain "cited by" links. The journal article abstracts have been enhanced to show a listing of all articles that have cited the subject document. Conference papers are also more robust. IEEE has partnered with third parties to add reference information to conference paper abstracts found in Xplore. Lastly, a comprehensive thesaurus called IEEE Index Terms is now available on all abstract pages for journals and conference papers. The thesaurus includes index terms that map to individual documents in Xplore.


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IEEE Spectrum nabs more awards

In their tradition of continued excellence, IEEE Spectrum has been regaled with more awards. They were presented with five EXCEL Awards which are presented by Association Media & Publishing.

Representing 99 non-profit organizations and associations, winners are chosen for displaying exemplary work in editorial, design, advertising and marketing, online publishing, mobile applications, digital editions and electronic newsletter categories. The awards were presented on 1 June at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C.

In addition to earning the EXCEL Awards, IEEE Spectrum was nominated for "best science/technology coverage" by Utne Magazine.


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Newly Updated Brochure IEEE Publishing: Connecting Brilliant Minds

The brochure explains to potential authors, editors, and readers the advantages of using IEEE Publications.  It shows how the different parts of the publishing process — from peer review, through editing and content enrichment, to delivery in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library — work together to "connect brilliant minds."  Note the updated quick links that guide you through the publishing process.


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