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View the April 2010 edition of the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB) Quarterly Newsletter.


Pub News Vol. 3 Issue 1

Welcome to the Ninth Edition of the PSPB Quarterly Newsletter



  1. IEEE Launches Major Upgrade of IEEE Xplore Digital Library

  2. Xplore Grows to Include IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library

  3. IEEE Spectrum Wins Grand Neal Award for Excellence in Business Journalism

  4. Publications Conduct Committee Update on Plagiarism Issues

  5. EnPReS Service Expedites Plagiarism Resolution Issues

  6. Printing Costs May Be Reduced Using Digital Printing Technology

  7. IEEE Publications Go Green


The most expansive upgrade to IEEE Xplore digital library since its inception in 2000 was launched on 13 February 2010. Enhancements include improved navigation and search features as well as advanced personalization features. The new easy-to-navigate design makes searching for information more efficient. A global search box on every page gives users the convenience of starting a search from anywhere on the site. The prominent browse feature on the homepage allows users to peruse thousands of journals, magazines, conference proceedings, standards, books, and educational courses with a single click.

A convenient type-ahead feature shortens search time while search suggestions minimize the possibility of zero search results. The powerful “Refine this Search” functionality helps guide users to the most relevant content.  Content alerts delivered via e-mail or RSS feeds make it easy for users to stay current with new content as it is added to Xplore.

Advanced personalization features now provide users with the option to set search preferences, save searches, and set alerts to receive instant notification when new research relevant to their saved searches is published in IEEE Xplore.

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A new subscription offering, the “IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library”, featuring 400 digitized titles from the Wiley-IEEE Press imprint, was launched on IEEE Xplore® on February 13, 2010. The library spans numerous areas of interest to Xplore users, including bioengineering, power and energy, and communication technologies.  The IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library is available to institutions through various subscription options, including an annual subscription or perpetual access.

A subset of this collection – 220 IEEE Press eBooks published prior to 2007 – is now available to IEEE members for free through Xplore. This offering is called “IEEE eBook Classics”, accessible to IEEE members by logging into Xplore using their IEEE Account. Once you’ve logged in as a member, click on “Books” in the left-hand “Browse” navigation. You will see a new tab, labeled “Classics”, as pictured below. Click on the “Classics” tab to browse for the title you wish to view.

ebooks library 

eBook content is also presented in Xplore search results as individual chapters, commingled with results from journals, periodicals, conference proceedings and standards. Since the eBook chapters are delivered as PDFs, a proprietary eBook reader is not needed to view them. Instead, users can simply view the chapters in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Alternatively, users can copy the PDFs to any eBook reader (such as Amazon’s Kindle DX, or iPod) that supports PDFs.

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In March, IEEE Spectrum was awarded the Grand Neal Award from their peers in the American Business Media trade association. They won for the series “Why Mars? Why Now?” published in their June 2009 Special Issue on the future of space travel. They were also an individual winner in the category of Best Subject-Related Series of Articles for the same article.

IEEE Spectrum beat out more than 700 entries to claim the top business journalism prize in the group. A finalist for the Grand Neal Award for three consecutive years, IEEE Spectrum has won this prestigious award twice since 2007.

In addition, the IEEE Spectrum Online Web Site was awarded Best Web Site in their size category.

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During the November Board Series meeting the Publications Conduct Committee (PCC) reported on several issues related to the Prohibited Authors List (PAL). Upon a recent review of author misconduct cases, a number of cases were discovered where notifications had not been sent to authors regarding their being prohibited from submitting papers to IEEE publications.

The PCC highlighted the need to clarify the Plagiarism Guidelines regarding the Editors’ responsibilities. The Intellectual Property Rights Office staff has since worked with the Editors and the PSPB VP to send the appropriate author notification letters. To more effectively flag authors who are prohibited from publishing with IEEE, the PAL will be integrated into Manuscript Central so more successful monitoring can be maintained. This screening feature is expected to be in place by March 2010.

The PCC also worked with IPR staff to develop a “Plagiarism Review Checklist” to help Editors ensure all necessary steps have been or will be taken in all cases. The Intellectual Property Rights Office staff is distributing this checklist to volunteers at the outset of all new cases.  For more information contact Bill Hagen at

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A new trial service is in place to help all publication volunteers handling plagiarism complaints come to a quick and authoritative decision. The IEEE Enhanced Plagiarism Resolution Service (EnPReS) is an online service managed by the Intellectual Property Rights Office. It can save a volunteer time as it keeps data and collaborative discussions by those reviewing the case in one central location.  The online service also offers a notification alert feature which helps keep the review of the case moving forward for a speedier resolution. EnPReS provides:

  • Marked up copies of the original and manuscript in question
  • Quick access to relevant PSPB policies and procedures
  • Recommended outcome based on precedent and facts of the case and corrective actions as prescribed in the PSPB Operations Manual 

Trial results from 2010 will determine future implementation. Contact Bill Hagen at with questions.

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IEEE pubs go green

The Publishing Operations Team has been testing the use of digital printing technology to favorably contain and possibly reduce the cost of printing publications with print runs of less than 600 copies. This year, digital printing technology is being used for the manufacture of the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing.

Traditional ink on paper printing costs include:  making printing plates, press set up and color registration. These starting costs prove to be more expensive for publications with shorter print runs since the costs are absorbed at the start of the manufacturing process. With digital printing this is not the case and there is an advantage to printing in color. Based on the results of this trial and further evaluation, the potential of digital printing will be reviewed as an alternative to traditional printing for other IEEE publications.

Contact Peter M. Tuohy, Director, Periodicals Production Services at if you have any questions or would like additional information.

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IEEE Transactions and Journals are now printed on publication paper that is environmentally responsible, as certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) – one of the world’s leading forest management programs. A switch to soy-based ink (derived from soybeans) which is also more environmentally friendly than traditional petroleum-based ink is also in place.

SFI is one of the world’s leading independent, non-profit, non-government organizations devoted to the responsible management of the world’s forests. To gain forestry certification from this group, companies must submit to a rigorous third-party audit of purchasing practices and control systems. Our suppliers have successfully demonstrated their ability to meet these strict compliance requirements in multiple areas.

SFI and Soy Ink logos will be included in all printed IEEE Transactions and Journals helping IEEE communicate its commitment to support environmentally-responsible business practices to both members and subscribers. To learn more about SFI visit

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