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New Author Gateway coming in October

The much anticipated Author Gateway, developed to link journal authors to real-time information about their content in the digital production process, is set to be released in October. For articles published in the journals included in the Author Gateway, authors will be able to view the status of each article in progress. They’ll be able to quickly ascertain if a proof is available for review as well what happens next in the production process.

The Author Gateway will track only articles in journals (not magazines) that are produced by IEEE Publishing Operations. Authors will be notified that article proof is available within the Gateway and will gain access to the Author Gateway through their IEEE Account username and password. IEEE Accounts are free and can be set up within 24 hours for IEEE authors.

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IEEE and IBM join forces to publish leading edge research in IEEE Xplore

IEEE and IBM publishing have partnered to disseminate some of the leading technical articles and papers in computer hardware, software and information systems to more researchers around the world. The prestigious IBM Journal of Research and Development, which now includes the IBM Systems Journal, is one of the top-cited journals in the field and addresses the latest advancements in computer science. Beginning in the first quarter of 2010, all papers ever published in the IBM journals will be available exclusively in the IEEE Xplore digital library.

“IBM is proud to join with IEEE in the combined publication of the IBM Journal of Research and Development and the IBM Systems Journal beginning in 2010,” said Dr. John Ritsko, Editor-in-Chief, IBM Technical Journals. “With more than 4 million users coming to IEEE Xplore each month, this collaboration will achieve the widest possible distribution for technical readers as well as enable efficient and sustainable publication of these leadership journals.”

The IBM Journal of Research and Development and IBM Systems Journal, which both transitioned to digital only format in 1998, merged into one fee-based online publication in 2009. The production of future editions of the current publication, the IBM Journal of Research and Development, will be handled by IEEE. IBM will be responsible for the content acquisition and peer review, while IEEE assumes the article production, copy editing, data conversion, online hosting and maintenance.

The IBM journal is the #3 cited journal is Computer Science, Hardware and Architecture according to the 2009 ISI Journal Citation Report and IEEE Xplore contains some of the most highly cited technical journals in the world. “By adding high quality content such as the IBM Journal of Research and Development, IEEE Xplore continues to be one of the most robust and valuable technical libraries on the market today,” said Tony Durniak, Staff Executive, IEEE Publications.

The research community will have the opportunity to purchase single IBM journal articles via IEEE Xplore or a subscription package to the entire journal, including all issues ever published, starting from 1957. IEEE members and digital library subscribers will be able to add the journals to their current subscription packages.


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Three new partners increase content available on

One of the organizations IEEE partners with,, a free, federated search service created by leading science and engineering societies has increased the breadth and depth of its online content by adding three new providers. The digital libraries of the Association of Facilities Engineering (AFE), Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering (ICST) are now available. AFE’s content is related to plant and facility engineering, operation and maintenance, especially for Fortune 500 manufacturers, universities, medical centers, and government agencies. SEG’s content focuses on expert and ethical practice of geophysics in the exploration and development of natural resources, in characterizing the near surface, and in mitigating earth hazards. ICST provides peer-reviewed journal articles that examine innovation and technology transfer in information technologies, their management, and their applications.

Functionality on the site has been enhanced with a browser plug-in that enables searches to be launched from the user’s toolbar making access fast and easy. now includes more than 3.5 million documents – primarily peer-reviewed journal content and conference proceedings that span 350 years of scholarship.


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PDF eXpress processes its one-millionth file

A freely available online tool designed to assist IEEE conference authors in creating or validating IEEE Xplore®-compliant PDFs called PDF eXpress, processed its one millionth file earlier this month. PDF eXpress was designed by a cross-functional team including representatives from Technical Activities, Publishing Technology, and Conference & Custom Publishing (now known as IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing) and launched officially in early 2005.


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IPR office in full support of trademark registration

Staff in the Intellectual Property Rights Office is working to register IEEE trademarks in a new trademark and logo class called Class 9, which has emerged as a need due to electronic publishing and distribution. IEEE has registered its trademarks in Class 16 (print) and/or Class 41 (conferences) for the past 50 years and is committed to extending protection to trademarks used in electronically distributed media through Class 9 registration.

In total, 80 marks have been identified that should be registered. During the June PSPB Series Meeting, a motion was passed to direct IPR Office staff to prepare and submit a New Initiative proposal to support full trademark registrations in Classes 16, and/or 41, and 9.


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Section 8.2.2.B of the PSPB Operations Manual modified: Policy shift in review process for conference proceedings

A computer-generated (gibberish) conference paper, with a fictitious author, and other poor-quality conference articles have appeared in IEEE Xplore. Such articles hurt the reputation of IEEE and can damage confidence in the quality of our publications. Consequently, the 2009 IEEE President formed the Ad Hoc Committee on Quality of Conference Articles in Xplore, charged to recommend policies and procedures for maintaining the high quality of articles in Xplore. Their first suggestion was directed at non-IEEE conferences and involved changes in Section 8.2.2.B of the PSPB Operations Manual. The PSPB and the IEEE Board of Directors approved these changes in June 2009. Papers in conference proceedings that appear in IEEE Xplore from non-IEEE conferences shall now be subjected to the same review policy as for papers in IEEE conferences. In addition, the Memorandum of Understanding agreement between the sponsoring entity and the conference shall include a clear identification of the level of review and the review process.


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