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2009 PSPB Board

2009 PSPB Board members

Sitting from Left to Right: A. Durniak, M. Hagler, J. Hannemann, L. Tsang, J. Rokne, E. Rezek, S. Rahman, J. Baillieul
2nd Row Standing from Left to Right: M. El-Hawary, K. Varian, W. Stone, B. Shoop, E. Sopensky, W. Moses, A. Pais, R. Todi, S. Barbin, T. Durrani, S. Reisman
3rd Row from Left to Right: G. Gaynor, H. Kawamoto, R. Trew, S. Yurkovich, M. Lightner, G. Engel, E. Perkins, T. Basar, T. Akgul


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IEEE Xplore Digital Library now carries journals by AIP and AVS

IEEE has teamed up with two of the leading physics organizations to offer a new subscription package through the IEEE Xplore digital library. The Applied Physics Journal Package, provides full-text access to more than 250,000 articles from five AIP/AVS journals. These titles include Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics, the #1 and #2 most-cited journals in applied physics; and Review of Scientific Instruments (all from AIP); as well as Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces and Films and Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures (both published by AVS).

IEEE Xplore now contains 2.4 million articles. This is an example of PSPB's strategy to expand the amount of information delivered through the Xplore platform in order to make it an even more essential information resource for technology professionals. You'll notice that the home page of each journal is clearly marked with the logos of the sponsoring societies. Anyone can see the article abstracts in their IEEE Xplore search results. To view the full text of the article a user needs a subscription to the separate Physics Journal package, or will have to purchase a single article. AIP pays a commission to IEEE for each subscription or article sold to reimburse us for sales and Web delivery services. In addition to helping our readers, the Physics Journals also help IEEE. These AIP commission payments help defray the operating costs for IEEE Xplore, which lowers the costs for all IEEE Content delivered through the system.


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New library journal study finds IEEE still better value than other publishers

According to the 2009 Library Journal Pricing Survey, the cost of scientific and engineering journals continues to soar while IEEE journals remain a better value for researchers in all areas of technology. In addition to being the industry’s most comprehensive reference resource, with access to almost a third of the world's current electrical engineering and computer science literature, IEEE is offering that access at significantly lower prices than other competitive commercial publications further adding to the value of being affiliated with IEEE.

Using the same calculation method as the annual Library Journal Periodical Price Survey, which looks at the cost of journal and periodical subscriptions in various industries, the average cost of an individual IEEE journal for 2009 is just US$730. Compared to the US$2,047 average price of an engineering journal, the value of a subscription with IEEE is obvious IEEE journals are priced 65 percent lower than the competition.


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Spectrum wins awards from U.S. Society of National Association Publications (SNAP)

IEEE Spectrum received two SNAP Excel Awards during the gala on 4 June in Washington, DC. The Excel awards program is highly respected within the industry of publishing for not-for-profit associations. This year SNAP recognized 181 winners, representing 108 associations, who were selected from nearly 1,000 entries.

Senior Editor Jean Kumagai accepted a Gold award on behalf of Spectrum for “The Singularity” (June 2008) in the category “Magazines - Single Topic Issue category for publications with a circulation of more than 100,000”.

Contributing Editor Robert N. Charette accepted a Silver award for “What’s Wrong with Weapons Acquisitions?” (November 2008) in the category “Magazines - Feature Article category for publications with a circulation of more than 100,000”.


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PSPB launches new author Web pages

IEEE Publications has enhanced its Web presence to include a section specifically devoted to authors in an effort to make publishing with IEEE that much easier. The new site provides visitors with quick access to updates, news, and reminders; touts the editorial and author advantages of publishing with IEEE; provides author tools; and submission guidelines.

The Author Resources Web pages are now available under the main IEEE Publications Menu on the Web or by visiting One of the new features on these Web pages prompt a visitor to select the type of publication they wish to be published in. They can select Transactions, Journal, Letters, or Magazine paper; Conference Proceedings; or book. Two spots are also featured. One program makes volunteers aware of the Plagiarism Guidelines and what to do when plagiarism complaints are received, and the other program celebrates the two million documents mark milestone IEEE Xplore reached earlier this year.

Feedback on the new pages is appreciated. Please share your comments with Jo Germano,, Pete Morley,, and Jon Rokne at


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IEEE Spectrum version 3.0 groups multimedia information by topic

In early June, the Spectrum team introduced a new version of the Spectrum Online Web service which features a number of multimedia "channels" on major technical topic areas. In each of these channels members and other readers will find a collection of content ranging from Web-only news stories, audio pod casts, video segments, blogs, and electronic versions of articles from the magazine's print edition. Each channel also features links to the abstracts of recent related articles from IEEE Xplore.

Previous versions of the Web site arranged each of the media types separately. The new site also features tools to let members and other readers share stories with their colleagues through popular online social networks such as slashdot, Facebook, and Digg. Additionally, the site offers a number of online Webinars sponsored by advertisers.


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IEEE Job Site ranked among the Top 100 employment sites by Weddle's survey

The WEDDLE Guide has rated the IEEE Job Site as a Top 100 employment site—one of the 100 elite job boards and career portals on the Web. For almost 15 years, the WEDDLE’s Guide has been the Gold Standard of guides to job boards on the Web. The WEDDLE’s 2009/10 Guide has just been published and offers two exciting changes.

This year's edition, released 24 June, features:

  • The Top 100—the 100 truly exceptional sites in the online employment services industry
  • The Best & the Rest—a directory of over 10,000 sites and our pick of the best of those destinations, all organized by the career field, industry and/or geographic location in which they specialize.

Visit to review featured jobs and employers, or take the poll which asks visitors if they’ve downloaded the IEEE Job Site Job Search widget onto their desktop, Website, or blog.


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