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The IEEE Bylaws and Policies applying to the Publication Services and Products are proposed and amended by the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB), with final approval by the IEEE Board of Directors.

The PSPB Operations Manual follows the mandate of IEEE Bylaw I-303.9 and is arranged in eight sections, each covering a different facet of PSPB. The Manual contains only those items that directly affect the operations of PSPB and the decisions of PSPB on matters delegated to it by the IEEE Board of Directors, including guidelines and policies for publication services and products of IEEE and its organizational units. These guidelines and policies amplify the requirements of IEEE Policies.


Approval of and Changes to the PSPB Operations Manual

The first edition of this document was authored by a PSPB focus group and approved by PSPB on 16 November 2001. The IEEE intends to continuously update the PSPB Operations Manual to keep pace with changes and improvements in publication services and products. Modifications to this document shall be approved by PSPB in accordance with Section 5.2.2 of this manual and IEEE Bylaw I-300.4(5).


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Suggested Additions/Modifications to the PSPB Operations Manual

The PSPB Operations Manual is a “work in progress” and as such, PSPB is receptive to making additions/modification when the substantiated reason or purpose is identified. 

If you have an issue that you want the group to evaluate for inclusion in the IEEE PSPB Operations Manual, kindly complete the attached form and submit to: Steve Yurkovich,, and Gordon MacPherson,


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