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The IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB) is seeking nominations for individuals to serve on the PSPB. Self-nominations are permitted.


PSPB mission

The IEEE Publication Services and Products Board shall report to the Board of Directors and shall be responsible for formulating and recommending information-related, published services and products policies to the Board of Directors, establishing and maintaining standards and procedures for IEEE information dissemination, recommending policies and best practices as they relate to the IEEE Web site, and otherwise coordinating and assisting those activities of IEEE and its various organizational units. It is expected that the IEEE organizational units will fulfill their obligations for their services and products. Once approved by the Board of Directors, these procedures become part of the policy and procedures of IEEE. Other organizational units shall be responsible for administering those policies set by PSPB as they relate to the publications, services, and products for which they are responsible.

  1. IEEE shall provide services and products that disseminate information on technical, scientific, professional, and newsworthy topics of interest to members, the engineering and scientific community, and the general public.
  2. IEEE shall publish a magazine entitled IEEE Spectrum, which contains technical and scientific articles of general interest to the entire membership.
  3. IEEE shall publish a newspaper entitled The Institute, which contains news of current events in IEEE itself, the industry, and the engineering and scientific community.
  4. IEEE Spectrum and The Institute shall be distributed to all Honorary members, Fellows, Senior members, members, Associate members, Graduate Student members, and Student members.

Position description:



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The PSPB N&A process

To learn more about the Publication Services and Products Board, please refer to the PSPB Operations Manual (PDF, 25 KB), Section 5.5, PSPB Nominations and Appointments Process.


  1. PSPB does not fund candidate travel to the PSPB Meeting.
  2. An advocate may speak for up to five minutes in support of the nomination of a candidate who is unable to participate.
  3. Nominations from the floor to add candidates to a slate shall not be accepted during the scheduled PSPB meeting.


  • 15 March: candidates for Vice President, Publication Services and Products
  • 22 April: candidates for PSPB Member-at-Large
  • 30 September: candidates for boards reporting to PSPB



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2018 PSPB nominations and appointments committee members

  • Chair: Sheila Hemami
  • John Baillieul
  • Sergio Benedetto
  • Sorel Reisman
  • Gianluca Setti



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