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Renewing IEEE membership using rupee payment is a two-step process: (1) initiating IEEE’s online process for renewing membership, and; (2) remitting payment to MCI, IEEE’s partner in India.



These instructions provide direction regarding completing the renewal process and remitting payment. Before you begin the process we recommend that you review the Rupee Payment Process Outline (PDF, 569KB) first, to assist with the instructions below.

Initiating the Online Renewal Process

  • Begin the renew process by logging into the membership renewal Web site using your IEEE Account.
  • Your cart will be populated with IEEE membership and any Society memberships you may have.
  • Update your address, education, and employment information as needed.
  • Select the Checkout button to continue. Please note that payment in rupee is limited to IEEE Student membership and/or Student Society membership(s). If you add any other products at this time, you will not qualify to participate in this program.
  • In the Payment method section, select the Print Order to Mail or Fax option to print your Online Renewal Order Form. DO NOT enter credit card information.

Remitting Payment to MCI

  • To remit your payment in Indian rupees, you must print and complete the Rupee Transmittal Form (PDF, 151KB). You will use the Order Total from the Print and Mail/Fax page to calculate your payment in rupees.
  • Payment must be in check or demand draft.
    - In case of check payment, the check must be "Payable at Par" in all cities in India.  
    - The demand draft must be made "Payable at Mumbai".
  • Mail to MCI the following:
    - The completed Rupee Transmittal Form
    - Your printed Online Renewal Order (keep a copy)
    - Your payment in Rupee using check or demand draft
  • You will be notified by IEEE via e-mail within 10 business days that payment has been received and processed.

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