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IEEE hosted a Symposium on Pre-University Teacher Training 19–20 May 2012 in Tampa, FL, USA. The event was attended by 47 IEEE members and pre-university educators from 12 countries, 9 IEEE Regions, and 21 IEEE Sections.

Made possible by an IEEE Foundation Grant, the Symposium recognized the first ten years of the IEEE Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) and served as a forum for volunteers and pre-university educators from around the world to participate in discussions to help shape the future of the Program. Topics of discussion included:

  • successful approaches to implementing the Program locally;
  • follow-on activities with teachers to measure effectiveness of the in-service presentations;
  • opportunities for the Program in developed and developing countries;
  • recommendations for enhancing volunteer training.

In addition, participants will apply their technical expertise to develop new hands-on TISP activities that will support teachers in their classroom instruction.




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Saturday, 19 May presentations


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Sunday, 20 May presentations


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Feedback summary report


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