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Find resources on how to obtain funding for your local Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) educator sessions.


What is the cost of a TISP session for local educators?

Teacher In-Service Program costs will vary based on how many educator in-services are conducted, the number of teachers participating, and the cost of materials needed. The lesson plans have been designed to be low-cost so that a teacher can replicate the lesson with a class of 30 students for under US$100. A budget of US$300 to US$500 should enable a Section to conduct at least two TISP sessions per year.  


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How do I fund a TISP session for local educators?

Within the first year following a TISP train-the-trainer workshop, IEEE Educational Activities will reimburse TISP volunteers (who participated in the workshop) for the cost of hands-on-activity materials necessary to conduct in-service presentations with teachers in their local area. After the first year, Sections should be able to cover costs with their own resources or through corporate sponsorship. Funding will be necessary to cover the cost of hands-on-activity materials and meeting accommodations.



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