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The IEEE Technical Organization Roster, Part II of the IEEE Organization Rosters, is a complete listing of the Technical Organization of IEEE and has been designed to provide easy reference to the Technical Activities Board (TAB) and its entities.


Technical Activities Roster


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Roster updates

The first quarter of each year is a time of transition. IEEE Society/Technical Councils Presidents and TAB Committee Chairs are in the process of reporting their Officers and Members. This transitional period will be reflected in the Technical Activities Organization Roster listings until all changes have been reported.

Please send information regarding Society/Technical Council roster information to Mary Curtis at, and for TAB Committees, to Cindy Donahue at


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Rosters access information

Access is limited to those identified in the Current Roster, which includes members of TAB, its Committees, Society/Council officers and AdComs, members of MGA identified by those included in the Geographical Roster (Part III of the IEEE Organization Rosters), and members of the IEEE Executive Committee and IEEE Board of Directors. Access to these Rosters is via your IEEE Account.

Users wishing to view IEEE Rosters must have an IEEE Account. Authorization using the account is based on current officer position or committee appointment. Roster data is refreshed periodically. All volunteer position and contact information is pulled directly from the IEEE membership database and therefore reflects the most current information available from the members. Updates and corrections may be made by the individual volunteer using their IEEE Account. The corrected data will appear within three days.


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Conditions of data availability and use

This data is released for use only by IEEE Officers and Committee members. Member information may not be furnished, with or without compensation, to outside entities, or be used by IEEE members for other than approved IEEE business.

It is the responsibility of the entity officers to keep informed of IEEE Policies and Procedures governing mailings and the use of labels and e-mail addresses, including the regulations governing electioneering for IEEE offices.


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