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IEEE membership development activities are coordinated through the Member and Geographic Activities Board Membership Recruitment and Recovery (MRR) Committee. The MRR Committee creates, promotes, and monitors appropriate and effective membership development programs to increase IEEE membership.


Functions of the IEEE MRR Committee

The MRR Committee Chair for 2017 is Takako Hashimoto (

Key functions of the IEEE MRR include:

  • Increasing IEEE membership by recruiting new members, retaining current members, and recovering members in arrears
  • Increasing IEEE membership quality
  • Promoting elevations in grade
  • Increasing Society memberships
  • Increasing awareness by members of the values of IEEE membership
  • Providing efficient and timely communications to all management levels of interests and concerns over membership trends, changes, and problems

The MRR Committee consists of the following representatives:

  • Chair appointed by the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board Vice President (Takako Hashimoto)
  • Past MRR Committee Chair (Antonio Luque -
  • 10 Regional Membership Development (MD) Coordinators (see listing below)
  • Two representatives appointed by the Vice President, IEEE Technical Activities (listed below)

Additional members include representatives from various IEEE organizational units as corresponding members of the MRR Committee.


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Region MD Officers

Northeastern U.S. (Region 1)
Soon Wan
Membership Development Chair - IEEE

Western U.S. (Region 6)
Ralph Hogan
Membership Development Chair - IEEE

Eastern U.S (Region 2)
Barbara Frantom
Membership Development Chair - IEEE
Canada (Region 7)
Jameson Hyde
Membership Development Chair - IEEE
Southeastern U.S. (Region 3)
Mauricio Cano
Membership Development Chair - IEEE

Europe, Middle East & Africa (Region 8)
Andres Romanovs
Membership Development Chair - IEEE

Central U.S. (Region 4)
Vickie A. Ozburn
Membership Development Chair - IEEE
Latin America (Region 9)
Teofilo Ramos
Membership Development Chair - IEEE
Southwestern U.S. (Region 5)
Joe Redfield
Membership Development Chair - IEEE
Asia and Pacific (Region 10)
Michael Ong
Membership Development Chair - IEEE

Technical Activities Representative
Greg Adamson

Technical Activities Representative
Fabrice Labeaue



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