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Recognize the members in your local Section for their years of service as an IEEE member. You can order lapel pins commemorating select milestones that come with a certificate for presentation to your members.

Local Sections are responsible for the ordering, payment, and dissemination of the lapel pins and certificates to their members. There is reporting available through SAMIEEE and the Section Vitality Dashboard to assist volunteers in identifying the members in their Section who should receive a pin.

The one-inch round lapel pins recognize members at two, five, ten, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50 years of service as an IEEE member. This is based on the cumulative years of service regardless of grade, grade elevations, or any breaks in service. Society Affiliates are not eligible for this program, nor are any years of service as a Society Affiliate included in the calculation.


How to use Member Loyalty Program pins

Different from the pins that commemorate a certain grade of IEEE membership, these pins are designed to thank and recognize members for their years of service regardless of grade achievement, a great way to recognize members who might not otherwise be engaged, especially early in their IEEE membership tenure.

Motivate and recognize your Section's members on a regular basis. Here are some tips for creating a Member Loyalty program that should become an established process in your local Section's member-engagement strategy.

Step 1: Identify the members in your Section who should receive a Member Loyalty pin

Run the pre-defined report from the Section Vitality dashboard (requires login with your IEEE Account). As the Section Officer, your Section data will automatically populate the report. Simply select the tab called "Additional Membership Lists" and then the report "Member Loyalty Program – Active Years of Service."

The report will show the member name, number, active membership status, grade, cumulative years of service, e-mail address, work and home phone numbers, and mailing address. In this report, the data is sorted by cumulative years of service, smallest to largest. Download the report to Excel for further sorting.

Note that this same pre-defined query is also available in SAMIEEE/Analytics.

When is the best time to do this? You may run this list and purchase pins at any time of the year; however, the best time of year to run the report is after 1 March (and before 15 August), after the annual service deactivation and members' records have been updated to show their active or inactive status.

Step 2: Order Your Pins

Step 3: Recognize and Present Pins to Your Members

If possible, make time for a short ceremony at a local event or meeting to personally present the pin and certificate to members. If this is not possible, mail the pins and certificates with a special note. The certificates come pre-printed with the years of service and congratulations from IEEE. A blank space is built in for the member’s name and signature of the Section officer for personalization and distribution by the Section. You can feed the certificates through a printer or hand-write the member's name.

In addition to the presentation of the pins, recognize these members and their milestones in your newsletters and on your Section Web site.


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Ordering Member Loyalty pins

Ordering is limited to the Section Chair, Section Membership Development Chair, Section Secretary, or Treasurer, since the Section is responsible for payment of the pin/certificate sets as well as shipping costs.

  • When placing an order you will need your Section’s Custody or Concentration Banking Account number (or a credit card in countries where an account transfer cannot be processed).
  • Pins and certificates are ordered in increments of five (they can be from mixed years, i.e., two five-year pins and three ten-year pins) at a cost of US$14 per set.
  • Pins are packaged in a small, clear plastic box and the certificates include a presentation folder.
  • There is an optional black velvet presentation case available, at a cost of US$1.25 each. 
  • Shipping expenses are based on region and the quantity ordered and are noted on the order form.

Once the form is submitted, the order will be reviewed and processed for fulfillment within two business days.

  • After verifying your Section’s Concentration Banking or Custody Accounts (or receipt of credit card authorization form), the order will be shipped.
  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation including shipping information once it is approved and shipped.
  • Within 30 days, the debit will be reflected in your Section Account.

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Member Loyalty Pins

Pins are available in year increments starting at two years, up 50 years. The milestones recognized include two, five, ten, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 years of service in any official IEEE member grade.

Member Loyalty Program 5 Year Pin

Member Loyalty Program 5 Year Pin in box

Member Loyalty Program Certificate