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Membership Development





Membership development plays a key role in ensuring the future growth of IEEE and its members. This page supports IEEE volunteers worldwide who are engaged in membership development activities.

This suite of tools and resources is designed to give MD volunteers what they need to be successful. Do you have a question or suggestion? Email


Communication templates

This section contains templates to assist volunteers with communications to IEEE members. The templates can be used by Region, Section, or Chapter Membership Development Officers in outreaches to members who have newly joined IEEE, are in arrears, or are past members and could be reinstated. Areas in each letter are highlighted for customization by the IEEE geographic or technical unit. 

Sections Regions
Outreach to new members
(DOC, 23 KB)
Region Director message to region volunteers
(DOC, 30 KB)
Outreach to members during renewal and recovery
(DOC, 25 KB)
Region MD Chair message for recruitment
(DOC, 29 KB)
Message to members in arrears
(DOC, 24 KB)
Message to members in arrears with no more services
(DOC, 24 KB)




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Reports and data


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Promotional collateral

This section contains promotional collateral to assist IEEE volunteers in recruiting new members. There are links to documents that can be printed locally, or you can order a Membership Development kit to have collateral items mailed to you.

Membership Brochure - Professional
(PDF, 459 KB)
Membership Brochure - Student
(PDF, 287 KB)
MD Kit online order form
(secure login required)
Benefits of Membership - English
(PDF, 546 KB)
IEEE Digital Brochure
(PPT, 8.5 MB) for use as a looping presentation at events
Benefits of Membership - Spanish
(PDF, 722 KB)
IEEE Volunteer Brochure
(PDF, 1 MB)
Electronic Membership flyer
(PDF, 287 KB)
Membership Development Product Sheets Member-Get-a-Member Program Ads
(ZIP, 277 KB)
Presentations on general global membership and student membership Membership Infographic
(PDF, 3 MB)
Senior Member
(PDF, 3 MB)
Member Loyalty
(PDF, 65 KB)
Conference Member Recruitment Program
(PDF, 2 MB)
IEEE Into Focus Photo Contest
(PDF, 1 MB)
Member-Get-a-Member(MGM) Brochure
(PDF, 668 KB)
Section Recognition
(PDF, 1 MB)




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Membership Development Volunteers Community

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  • Receive the MD Monthly report, and other important announcements that impact your MD efforts. 

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