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Members of the IEEE Board of Directors and Directors-Elect are provided training and education to assist them in their roles on the IEEE Board of Directors.

This page provides a summary of the available resources. To access secure information, you must be an IEEE Director or Director-Elect and have an IEEE Account.


On-boarding and orientation

Orientation is held annually at the IEEE Meeting Series in November.

On-boarding meetings are optional, personalized orientations with board and/or executive leadership staff, focusing on areas you would like to cover in more depth prior to taking office. Coordinate a meeting through IEEE Board Support staff.

Publications are provided on non-profit financial statements, fiduciary responsibilities, and volunteer leadership.


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Practical experience

Practical experience, to extend your knowledge on the IEEE organization, is provided through an assignment outside of a director-elect's organizational unit. Assignments are coordinated with the directors-elect in the year prior to their term on the IEEE Board of Directors.


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Professional development

Current board members may request funding to attend, or be invited to participate in, professional development courses or events.


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Contact information


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